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Pricing for Custom Stone

Estrella Custom Stone specializes in custom designs. If you see a design in a magazine, or have a design of your own, we can recreate it to fit to your specific measurements. We do all our own drawings that are sent to Mexico or Italy (depending on the stone color you choose).

Our handcarved stone is priced based upon five things: total size, carving detail (there is a price difference between simple and ornate designs), color (some colors are more cost effective than others), zip code of where we will be shipping the material, and quantity. So to give you a price (whether it is a fireplace, fountain, columns, etc.), we need to know those five things: size, style, color, zip code and quantity.

Color Pricing Levels

Level One: All Cantera and Adoquin Colors
Level Two: All Yucatan Limestone Colors
Level Three: Lecce Italian Limestone
Level Four: Lecce Grigio, Vicenza Italian Limestone
Level Five: Giallo, Pure White Italian Limestone
Level Six: French Limestone, Roman Travertino, and Italian Marble.

We can usually give a price estimate within 72 hours and can ship directly to a home or job site anywhere in the United States or Canada.


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