Pricing and Lead Times

Our carved stone is priced based upon five things: total size, carving detail (there is a price difference between simple and ornate designs), color (some colors are more cost effective than others), zip code of where we will be shipping the material, and quantity. So to give you a price (whether it is a fireplace, fountain, columns, etc.), we need to know those five things: size, style, color, zip code and quantity. 


  • Level One:      Cantera & Adoquin Colors
  • Level Two:      Mexican Travertine & Marble Colors
  • Level Three:   Yucatan Colors
  • Level Four:     Italian Limestone Colors
  • Level Five:      Italian Marble Colors

Lead Times

Cantera & Adoquin is approximately 6- 8 weeks.

Mexican Travertine & Marble is approximately 6-8 weeks.

Yucatan Limestone is approximately 8 weeks.

European Stone is 16-20 weeks.

Lead-times do not include delays due to natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances.

Flooring Durango Travertine
Flooring Durango Travertine